Canadian Recording Artist Singer Songwriter & Multi-Instrumentalist

Canadian Recording Artist Singer Songwriter & Multi-Instrumentalist


Discography of Lindsey Mills ...the original

Lindsey has released 19 Albums

several special edition releases
and singles

1994 - 2024

Lindsey's Music can be purchased on

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All songs written, composed,  produced & performed
by Lindsey Mills

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NEW: Live Single. Heal Our World:  Lindsey Mills on iTunes

Solace in Music:  Lindsey Mills on iTunes

 Friendships Are Like Fine Wine:  Lindsey Mills on iTunes 

Visions:  Lindsey Mills on iTunes 

Music for Reflection:  Lindsey Mills on iTunes 

Music is in The Heart:  Lindsey Mills on iTunes 

Inspired by the Lives of Others:  Lindsey Mills on iTunes 

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30th Anniversary 1994-2024
30th Anniversary 1994-2024

Coming 2024

In 1994 Lindsey released her very first Album. "Music Is In The Heart"

Since then has released 19 albums.

She is about to release her 20th album Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of that first release.  Her new album: "My Life's Journey with Music"

Heal Our World
Heal Our World

The song speaks for itself. Recorded Live.

Single release for Summer Solstice Celebration during an event Lindsey Co-Facilitated.

Available on iTunes
Available on iTunes


...a couple of the compositions from this album were written after I took an 8 week solo motorcycle tour out to Eastern Canada... and while staying in a very remote location by the ocean and mountains on Cape Breton Island - I found myself without any means of communication  - no landline - no cell service - and miles before I would see any people - which lead to my song "Back to You" ...missing my family at home.

The song "Friendships Are Like Fine Wine" came to me one morning as I woke up - it just flowed out of me - later to realize it was the exact day, May 2, when I wrote my song "You're All My Friends" from my very first album "Music Is in the Heart". Almost like a sequel but many years later.

"Always and then Forever" speaks for itself - a love song - which I composed for the love of my life on the day we made a commitment to one another to spend the rest of our lives together. And years later I rewrote some of the lyrics to create a version for our wedding.

"Journey" was a self discovery song as I traveled. I reconnected deeply and spiritually with myself and God.

"You Called Us" co-written with a friend is modern day version of the calling from above - whatever that might be for you.

Available on iTunes
Available on iTunes a time of uncertainty... music became my Solace...

...deeply reflective musical art for peace-filled moments & reflection... or for just being in the moment.

I hope it helps you to reconnect with the love inside you and that you too can feel some peace.

New Rerelease on iTunes
New Rerelease on iTunes

Contemporary Christian Compositions by Lindsey Mills

This entire recording is dedicated to the memory of my Father, Malcolm J. Mills.  I am thankful for the years I was blessed by you here on earth.  "Your Love Lives On".

 Here are a couple clippings from a newspaper review: "There's a sense of renewed purpose and energy in the life of Pelham musician Lindsey Mills these days. A committed Christian as well as performer, teacher and church music director. Events in Lindsey Mills' own life have led her to focus her musical talents on Christian contemporary lyrics and compositions. She draws on her loss, grief, joy, friends, family and unquenchable spirit, sharing these with her listeners in a strong affirmation of her faith and her belief in the power of music to heal and inspire.

Each of the tracks on the new CD are reflective in mood; some are more upbeat  and others are andante in tempo. Lyrics, reflecting the deep sentiments, and you have to listen attentively because Mills has added a second, echo-like voice, rather as if she's singing with her soul sister. An interesting effect that draws you in to the experience. There's a soothing, often gently hypnotic quality to Mills' music."

Available on iTunes
Available on iTunes

... is a beautiful instrumental album

filled with compositions by Lindsey Mills

Reflective, Creative and Unique Artistic pieces of music.

Available on iTunes
Available on iTunes

Lindsey first album released in 1994. Rereleased in 2017.

A compilation of eclectic compositions by Lindsey Mills.

Composed, performed and self released by Lindsey Mills.

Available on iTunes
Available on iTunes

This entire album is dedicated to "The Spirit In Me".

I am thankful for all the gifts & blessings in my life ~ may my music help you to find the spirit in you.

This is Lindsey's first instrumental album. Filled with compositions to allow you to relax and reflect. Eclectic arrangements with various instruments & artistic percussion workings.

Other Albums by Lindsey Mills

  1. Christmas Relaxing at Home
  2. Eclectic Celtic Mix (Christmas Medley)
  3. The Spirit Of Christmas
  4. Journey
  5. October Praise
  6. Me, Myself & I
  7. Celtic Harmony
  8. Full Circle
  9. Me and My Piano, Live & Unrehearsed
  10. Always Thankful Never Forgotten
  11. Faith
  12. Lindsey Mills Live In Nashville
  13. Remembrance Day
  14. SeShonS Solstice
  15. Lindsey Mills Live
  16. The Spirit of Christmas 2
written by Lindsey Mills
written by Lindsey Mills

Should I Purchase or Stream Music?

I hope the following information will be helpful for you in your decision.

To fully support musicians if you PURCHASE the album we at least earn a few dollars. By downloading from the monthly all you can play/stream apple music you would have to play one of my songs approximately 150 times for me to get ONE PENNY. Are you surprised? I know I was when I found out. It was heartbreaking.

I know many people think they are supporting musicians by buying into Apple Music & Spotify or other streaming services but it does not support musicians financially, as you can see by the stats above.

I am in the midst of writing an article on that now - to help educate people.

The best support is to buy directly from the artist if you can. Many people do not have CD players so purchasing the album from iTunes is a great alternative in helping to support us.

If you like a song or two and find it in your heart to purchase any of my albums or the albums of any other artist/musician I personally would be so grateful for your support.

So to answer the question - you can do both - BUT

purchasing is the best way for you to support your family & friends in the music business. I personally still purchase music & when I can I always get the hard copy of the cd with the artist's autograph... as I love to have and hold the music works of my musician friends.

With Love & Gratitude Lindsey