I would highly recommend Lindsey Mills to any establishment and this is why:

We recently went out for dinner with my family and to our surprise they had live music too. The woman's name was Lindsey Mills and she was excellent. Beautiful voice and world class entertainer. I remember her name because she has a really nice banner on stage with her and she also announced it throughout the night. She also checked in to make sure the volume was not too loud for everyone which was surprising because we've been places before where the music was so loud we couldn't think or speak to each other. She came to our table and greeted us and sang Happy Birthday to our mom right at our table, which was so classy and exciting for all of us. Mother said they used to have classy entertainers like that back in her day so she was so thrilled. Lindsey is so pleasant which makes it so nice there. I think the combination of live music and dinner is excellent! We've been back several times now and have recommended to many friends. We have come to know the entertainer better too. She always says hello to us and remembers us. Lindsey also learned a song for my dad for the next time we came, she’s his new best friend. Trip Advisor by Jane Cane

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